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Icarus & Pandora

CHANCE ENCOUNTERS The Art Space July 2002

12 amendments5 annotationspandora's faultIcarus' blamechance encounters

In January 2001 Icarus (Chris Diedericks) and Pandora (Anni Snyman) met for the first time at Vega, The Brand Communication School in Sandton – both teaching Creative Process. Both artists involved in their separate journeys investigating creativity and the creative psyche, they soon realised that this would become a life-changing relationship. These exhibitions consist of an ongoing dialogue between the two of them in both image and word, their shared passion for the digital medium fuelling and enabling them to explore and document their friendship.


12 amendments to the status quo

12 Amendments
24 giglé prints 10x10cm on Fabriano Bianco, with text sandblasted onto glass. Click image to view the whole series.

This artwork is a tongue-in-cheek exploration of the concept of ‘binary opposites’ – a cornerstone of much unsaid ordering of the world according to the (hopefully soon-to-be) exhausted master narrative – derived from ‘history’ as written from a white, heterosexual, western male viewpoint.

We attempted to expose those subtleties in language that always put ‘son’ before ‘daughter’, ‘straight’ before ‘gay’, etc. without falling into the trap of creating even more worded, empty polarity.

Our world is not as neatly edged and defined as the brilliant tool of language would sometimes make us believe, and a multitude of associations, values and experiences cling to each word, changing meaning with every tongue that attempts to trace its sound.


5 annotations to the 12 amendments

5 Annotations
10 giglé prints 10x10cm on Fabriano Bianco, with images scratched into the mirror-frame.Click image to view the whole series.

The annotations are seen as the next level of exploration of the theme of binary opposites. Delving deeper into our own psyches and understanding of the concepts, we find ourselves coming face to face with ‘self projected onto the other’, rather than the ‘other’ indicated by the word/title. Thus both series of annotations seem to evolve into elaborate self-portraits, demanding an understanding of the self mirrored in the ‘opposite’, before yielding any insight into the demarcated other.


Pandora’s fault…

Pandora's Fault
mixed media: nine wooden boxes, insects, wax, resin, light. Click image to view the whole series.

Everything seems to be Pandora’s fault. All women share this amazing guilt, or need to placate the world. At the very least an apology for our existence/the state of the world, seems to be in order…

If she (Pandora, Eve) let everything bad into the world, one has to try and define what is bad – and that is a little more tricky than it might seem at first glance.

The only thing that got trapped in her jar, however, was HOPE – and hope has ‘never left mankind ever since’. What was hope doing in the jar of pestilence and disease in the first place? Or is hope (and everything else) in serious need of reclassification?


… & Icarus’ blame

(images not available)
Mixed media: 3 Gigle prints inside engraved perspex boxes.

Icarus’ blame deals with bondage. Bondage to out patriarchal history, existing master narratives, tradition and the terrible guilt most gay men has to live with before establishing an own identity through reconciliation with the self. This is an ongoing dilemma in contemporary society and gay men are still ridiculed, excluded and discriminated against.


Chance encounters

Chance Encounters
12 Gigle prints: 90x9cm. Click image to view the whole series.

“In love we experience loss, in loss we experience love” – Joseph Campbell

Pandora: Wings and Prayers This series deals with the nature of love: The need to throw oneself fearlessly into its flames to experience the ecstasy; the fragility of communication between beloved parties; the loneliness of love; the fear of separation; the intangible nature of the beloved; the inevitability of loss.

Icarus: Chance This series deals with the nature of loss: The need to transform the beloved into an inner entity that cannot leave; the eruption of emotion that becomes a ‘bed of roses’; the loneliness of longing; broken promises; the possibility of new love; the comfort of finding one true soul-mate.


Posted 10 December 2005, www.annisnyman.co.za, author: Anni Snyman

All work is under a Creative Commons Copyright Licence.
















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