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Ansister Bowl Ritual

Boitumelo children

Boitumelo's bowl ritual workshop for Hillbrow children. As part of the 2005 FACE/Ansister project.

Handle with Care
A beautiful poem by Makhosazana Xaba, from her debut collection of poetry, These Hands.

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We would like to thank Constitution Hill for providing an ideal and incredible venue for our monthly meetings. Thanks also go to the FACE project for assisting financially in the construction of this website.



The Creative Activation Forum is a networking body for facilitators of creative community projects. It was initiated by face [fe(male) activation through creative empowerment] as part of the ansisters event in August 2005.

Through this forum we hope to create networks, exchange information, broaden resource bases, investigate opportunities and identify obstacles.

We hope to create a platform for the convergence of related creative initiatives that could ultimately become illustrative of the powerful contribution of arts and culture as a tool of socio-economic development and catalyst for positive change in our country.

Thus far the forum has been facilitated by Eugenie Grobler, Anni Snyman, Katty Vandenberghe and Janine Lewis. Facilitators for 2006/7 are being sourced. If you are interested in facilitation, please contact


During our meetings a range of themes have presented themselves. If you feel you can contribute or would like to do a presentation on any of these, please contact . If you cannot join us for any of the meetings, but do have information you would like to share with us, please contact .

- sharing ideas on how to write proposals and identifying issues.
- seeking funding sources.

Taking care of the Caretakers
- how to avoid burn-out
- stress management
- re-new creativity
- exchange of facilitators (between projects)
- delegation and networking

Learning Materials and sharing

Awareness and Marketing
- website – needs and how to
- writing concisely
- assertive marketing
- communication strategies

- making connections
- learning about each other
- comparing sources – students, selection processes

Communication Skills
- improving communication channels/skills
- facilitation vs teaching
- out-comes based evaluation

Setting Up a community group
- how to
- identifying pitfalls
- procedures

Facilitation Techniques
- train the trainer


Please take some time to browse through the rest of our forum section about how we've started to tackle some of these issues.

Updated 2 March 2006,, author: Anni Snyman.