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ansisters 5 august 2005

Unravelling, a performance by Sarah Fraser documented at the 2005 FACE/Ansisters opening event. 

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about us : family and marriage society of SA





FAMSA Family and Marriage Society of South Africa

FAMSA is a project partner of FACE 2005. As part of the Ansisters event at Constitution Hill, Hlumelo Theatre will be offering a four day Workshop for Caregivers to 25 FAMSA members. We will also be offering this workshop to 25 FAMSA members in the Western Cape during September 2005.

FAMSA believes the family is the nucleus of society, and when it weakens or crumbles the stability of the entire community is adversely affected. It is thus imperative to initiate and co-ordinate resources to maintain a healthy and happy marriage and family life. "FAMSA - FAMILY AND MARRIAGE SOCIETY OF SOUTH AFRICA" was established as a result of this need.

Social Workers with specialised training are employed by FAMSA to assist the community. Manpower is augmented by recruiting volunteers from the community, and FAMSA provides a high standard of selection and training for these volunteers.

Posted 15 July 2005,, author: Nolene Nel.