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Ansister Bowl Ritual

Boitumelo children

Boitumelo's bowl ritual workshop for Hillbrow children. As part of the 2005 FACE/Ansister project.

Handle with Care
A beautiful poem by Makhosazana Xaba, from her debut collection of poetry, These Hands.

Copyright © FACE 2005.
All rights reserved.


Afrikan Charm
Colors of the Diaspora

Afrikan Charm

Afrikan Charm is the blogsite of a non-academic eco-anarchist who cares about what we are doing to our primary mother ~ Earth. has tons of up-to-the-minute information about the South African art scene. Browse the daily arts and entertainment news, receive e-mail tailored to your area and interests, browse a weekly guide to what's happening on the arts scene nationally, a national directory (calendar) of arts festivals and annual events a Virtual Press Office (VPO) - an easy and cost effective way to distribute your media releases and post your news online and chat and discussion for artsz, muza or moviezone...

African Colours

African Colours is an honourable, spirited, inspirational, playful, colourful, and funky virtual showcase and promotion of African artists, online since July 2000. At this African arts portal, you can chat to other African artists, see what exhibitions are on in various countries and follow links on a stunningly organized links page to art sites around Africa.

Colors of the Diaspora

Colors of the Diaspora is a collective of female artists of all kinds from Los Angeles to Johannesburg. They use the performing arts to ignite women to heal themselves and their communities.