Earth Siren 2009

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Earth Siren 2009

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Photograph by katty vandenberghe of the Earth Siren at Afrika Burn 2009.

Anni Snyman attended both the 2009, and 2010 AfrikaBurn festival. In 2009 she swept the drawing of the siren in the dark gravel of the Tankwa karoo with the help of her brother, PC Janse van Rensburg, and a group of friends including Eugenie Grobler, katty vandernberghe and Janine Lewis. In 2010 she collaborated with Erica Lüttich and the Boitumelo craft group of Hillbrow, Johannesburg, who created 'dream cloaks' used for the activation of the Earth Siren labyrinth. Documentation from the 2010 burn was used to create the 'Pilgrims of the Labyrinth' print series.


AfrikaBurn is a creative arts and freedom of expression festival that aims to build temporary community through collaborative arts projects, in a completely non-commercial environment.


The Siren at night, 2009. Photo: katty vandernberghe. Tealight candles in brown paper sand bags. As we started lighting her, people at the Burn came out of the dark to light her up, a wonderful moment to witness.

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