Life imitates art 2012

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Life imitates art 2012

This ongoing series of images started in 2005 when dune grass near St Francis Bay reminded me of William Kentridge’s style of drawing. Every now and then a photograph reveals the layered nature of experience - where the memory of an artwork defines the way we perceive things.


Retaining wall paints a Jasper Johns, Pilgrims' Rest December 2012

In August 2012 I was astounded by the beauty and wonderful craftsmanship of Jasper Johns' work, when I saw an exhibition of his prints in Washington DC. (Of course I knew of his work before this occasion, but taking Art History at university sometimes has the effect of over-simplifying an artist's work, rendering the inexperienced student blind to nuances of brilliance.) Several months later, walking through a rainy Pilgrims' Rest, the water stains on a retaining wall reminded me of the sensitive textured stars-and-stripes canvases that used to be my only reference to this great master.

In 2005 I captured an image that reminded me of William Kentridge's work. It's called Dune doing a Kentridge.