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Anni Snyman is an artist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She works in various media ranging from traditional prints, photography, digitally manipulated images to three dimensional sculptures and collaborative constellations (juxtapositions of different creative disciplines in public spaces - 'kunstellasies'). Since 2009 she has been exploring site specific works in various landscapes.



Art of Collaboration

A collaborative creative process lies at the heart of the work - one project merging with another as relationships shift and grow to include new media and environments.


At the end of a decade of teaching in the design and communications industry, Anni worked on the Icarus and Pandora dialogues with Chris Diedericks (2000 - 2002). In 2004 she collaborated with several friends in Searching for a Saviour at Museum Africa and in 2005 co-ordinated Ansisters at the Old Fort, Constitution Hill. In August 2006 she spent a month in New York as a fellow of the Ampersand Foundation. Shortly after, the exhibition Memory of Water showed at the University of Johannesburg Art Gallery in November 2006. 

At Memory of Water she showed her first Buddha Board water drawings and Deep Water, an animation by katty vandenberghe. Her fascination with the medium continued - in 2012 she created a series of erotic images for Blue Valentine. In 2013 she also contributed the animation Ubulution to Janine Lewis’ interpretation of Animal Farm, and started making drawings for another animation by katty vandenberghe - Die Eerste Soen - an ATKV sponsored project under the creative direction of Diek Grobler. This film was shown at Clover Aardklop, October 2014 and nominated for the KROK international animation festival in 2015.

In the course of 2007 the first thoughts regarding trans_end started brewing, which katty vandenberghe initiated as a cyber-constellation. Ten Days - her contribution to this event - was an exploration of her father’s struggle in living with memory loss and deterioration. This theme of considering a world after the 'end of the world' lead to material and concepts for Creative Disobedience (2008/9) with Eugenie Grobler and two successive land art installations at Afrika Burn –  Earth Siren (2009, 2010). 

In 2009 she and Erica Lüttich created I lost a Poem - a video for the City Breath project curated by Kai Lossgott, and in 2010 she contributed to Erica Lüttich's FAIR PLAY at the Old Fort, Constitution Hill. 

In 2010 she collaborated with Janine Lewis on the stage design of Without Blood (State Theatre, Pretoria) before she and her brother PC Janse van Rensburg participated in the Humus Park land art event in Pordenone, Italy, and returned to found Site_Specific, South Africa's first bi-annual international land art event with Strijdom van der Merwe, Heather Greig and a great team of friends. The launch of the first Site_Specific International Land Art Biennale took place 22-29 May 2011 in Plettenberg bay. Followed by a second Biennale in 2013. Since then Site_Specific has grown to include many nature art activities throughout South Africa - most of Anni’s work between 2011 and 2014 are linked to this organisation in some way. 

In March 2012 Anni, PC and friends created the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil II at the Woordfees in Stellenbosch, and the Riverine Rabbit meander during the Boekefees in Richmond (October 2012). In 2013 they returned to Stellenbosch with the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil III. After the Biennale in August 2013, she curated an exhibition showcasing the Plettenberg Bay Land Art Event at Clover Aardklop in October 2013.

In 2014 fellow Site_Specific volunteers started local nature art events - Chris Reinders created Jozi Land Art in Johannesburg and katty vandenberghe created a collaboration with Cool Capital in Pretoria. Anni participated in these events with nature art works based on the methodology of YATOO - the Korean Nature Art Association that invited her to a Nature Art Curator’s conference in November 2013 and the Korean pilot tour for the Global Nomadic Art Project (GNAP) in April 2014. Under Anni and Strijdom van der Merwe's leadership, the Site_Specific artist collective will host the South African leg of GNAP in 2016.

Work on the Snake Eagle Thinking Path in Matjiesfontein commenced in August 2014. This 170 x 58 m Karoo geoglyph was inaugurated on 5 September 2015 and several further geoglyphs are planned. The calendar of work created in 2015 include: As the Crow Flies (with Elma Coetzee at Northcliff Eco Park) and Duck on Stone (Jozi Land Art, Emmarentia) in May. PC, Anni and Ingrid Schöfmann created Dassie at Hermanus Fynarts in June, and concluded the year with "Now YOU are a Beauty" during the Site_Specific interventions at Wildekrans Country House in November.

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