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ansisters 5 august 2005

Unravelling, a performance by Sarah Fraser documented at the 2005 FACE/Ansisters opening event. 

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2011: site_specific

Anni Snyman initiated a landart events group called site_specific.

2007: trans_end

An online constellation event.

2005: ansisters

The Ansisters event has come and gone, but work has continued in the form of workshops and the newly formed Forum. Plans to build the Ansisters online gallery and catalogue are also underway.

We thank all the sponsors, participants, helpers, Constitution Hill and the media for making this event such an enormous success.

Because this is a non-profit venture, we need assistance in terms of funding to further develop workshop, forum, website and event programs. If you feel that you can be of assistance, please contact Eugenie Grobler at or .

2004: Searching for a Saviour

The Searching for a Saviour project formed part of the Bonolo Botshelo (Fragile Life) exhibition at Museum Africa in March 2004. It grew around one central idea that each artist explored in her (or his) own medium and style. However, within the context of the space we found that each work informed the other, and it became apparent in the process of setting up and solving little practical problems, that the organic flux of meaning encapsulated throughout the whole installation, was far greater than the sum of the parts.


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