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Ansisters Event August 2005


Detail from the performance 'Patterns Outside My Head' by Janine Lewis, Rantebeng Makapan and Bonisile Nxumalo. As part of the FACE Ansisters 2005 event, Constitution Hill, Johannesburg.

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June 04 2005 (feedback)
May 28 2005
May 14 2005
May 07 2005 (interview)
May 07 2005 (feedback)
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December 04 2004

Anni Snyman

or katty

A list of questions and requests regarding ansisters participation


Nolene's guidelines on branding, marketing, money


12 FEB 2005 NOTES
by Tanya Pretorius

07 MAY 2005 NOTES
Nolene and Erica's notes of a group interview as well as an account of the day by Lizette van Staden

9 July 2005 Pretoria bowl ritual gathering

Hello Collaborators,

Please join us on our next round of bowl ritual and connection. Your presence and energy is appreciated and much needed, whatever your interest or role in this project may be.

PRETORIA, Sat 9 July
We will be performing our THIRD round of bowl ritual, crafting and connecting. Meet us at 9h00 at Katty's place.

Anni will bring the next round of larger bowls crafted out of wireframe. Dimensions: 40 x 60 cm each, chicken wire holes the size of a R1,00 coin.


  • bowl ritual suggestions
  • crafting materials: soft wire, wool, thin rope, narrow strips of braiding/weaving materials, buckets of paper mâché... to bind the broken bowl material to their new forms
  • tools: anything that will cut and bend and mould the above materials such as pliers, needles, pairs of scissors....
  • camera's to document the process
  • any documentation that we can add to our website and other publication materials
  • snacks to eat - tea and coffee provided. A light lunch of the usual vegetable soup will also be available.

Katty: 084-828-7370,
or Anni: 083-2522-035,

The gathering is planned to finish at 12h00. If you wish to stay longer, you are most welcome.

Warm regards,
Anni and katty

Posted 12 July 2005

4 June 2005 Pretoria bowl ritual gathering

Hallo Collaborators,

We will be making our second round of big bowls (from the little ones) on Saturday the 4th in Pretoria this time.


  • Your broken bowls (if you weren't able to join us last time)
  • Materials to build the new bowls (last time we used a bucket of paper maché)
  • Any documentation that we can add to our catalogue and website (if we don't already have it)
  • Snacks to eat - tea and coffee provided.

Meet us at 9h00 at Katty's place.

Katty: 084-828-7370 or
Anni: 083-2522-035

The gathering is planned to finish at 12h00. If you wish to stay
longer, you are most welcome.

Warm regards,
Anni and Katty

Posted 1 June 2005


28 May 2005 Dorian Haarhoff workshop

hallo collaborators

Dorian Haarhoff will be holding a workshop on writing ancestral stories at my place on saturday (full day) - R480 for the day - definitely worth it, if you ask me! Just mail if you need more info.

warm regards


14 May 2005 Eugenie Constellation workshop

Hallo Fellow art-write-players

Just to remind you that Eugenie will do the workshop for collaborators on Saturday at my place - 9:30 for 10:00 until 13:00. She will do a family constellation, so if you can ponder the stuff and relationships that have been passed on to you over the last couple of generations before you arrive, you will be well prepared.

Please let us know if you will be attending so that we can plan accordingly.

ps: I will also do a walkabout at constitution hill around 14:00 saturday afternoon, for those that want to experience the space and discuss the work.


07 May 2005 Catalogue info, meeting & bowls

This is just to remind you that we are having a bowl-synthesising workshop this Saturday, 09:00 - 12:00. Please let me know if you can make it, so that I can prepare accordingly.

Please bring:

1. your bowls (especially the broken ones), we are going to build bigger, communal bowls from the shards, burnt bits, etc.

2. the following information for the catalogue* - treat it as an interview - that oprah, steve, parkinson, or someone like that is having with YOU as the guest of the show...

  • Where has exploring the theme of 'ansisters' taken you?
    What are your thoughts on the world we've inherited from our ansisters?
  • Do you feel you have a message from your predecessors? Or have you come to some insight in the process of investigating them? If so, what is it?
  • Why do you engage in this creative collaboration?
    What are you hoping to communicate through your intended artwork?
  • Please describe this artwork/production/play/song/series of poems that you are busy with.
  • How has your creative journey before this project prepared you for taking part in this?
  • Please tell us a little more about where you've been, what you've done (creatively speaking)

Group responses to interview questions

3. Snacks to have with tea/coffee (if you want to)

Hope to see you

* we will be using excerpts from the interview for the catalogue, as well as create a couple of press releases and articles from it . if you have taken pictures (even if its a detail) of something that you are working on) please bring it too, or mail me the information and the pics.


07 May 2005 FEEDBACK

Hello creative person! Thanks to everyone that gathered yesterday - we had a good time, and built four new collaborative bowls - they are drying as I write this. Thanks to those that took note and taped the interviews - most of us felt that it was much easier to talk about the work than to sit alone and type.

12 weeks to go, and I need the following from you before Friday this week:

  • Your responses to the questions I sent you (above)
  • An artist's impression of how you see your work in the space - please contact me and I will go with you to the relevant venue to discuss the work/installation in relation to the other contributions (this is for a conhill proposal I need to make, as well as the catalogue and press releases)
  • A wish list of equipment, assistance, stuff you might need for your work
  • A picture of your lovely face - alternatively, if you see me in the next week, remind me to shoot you : )

Please remember that your participation is valued, whatever it is, and there is no pressure to commit to a workload beyond your resources.

Type or Talk to me soon

An account of the day by Lizette van Staden


16th april 2005 – bowl ritual evidence

Just a reminder that we need evidence of your bowl ritual this Friday the 15th. E-mailed or hand-delivered pictures are good enough - we need it to plan the installation. We also need a short description of your intended artwork/installation/concept for the larger constellation if you intend to do one, so that we can plan the layout of the event. (We all know that things change in the making, but it will provide the starting - and collaborative contact point.)

There will be a morning session on Saturday the 16th for those that want to be involved in the planning phase of the work - 9:30 to 12:30 - Please let me know if you will be attending.

Warm regards

Posted 13 April 2005


2nd April 2005 – breaking bowls

Thanks to everyone that took part, especially to those that brought materials and food, assisted others in their discoveries, and helped with the documentation of the process.

It was a lovely morning, with no official talking. We just got into the making of bowls, meeting other participants and chatting a little as things proceeded. Most of us took our bowls home to complete, and to engage with the ritual in private. Some brave ones showed the way with the ritual in situ, and produced a couple of great documenting images, some of which will be available on the website soon:

Everything is on track – I would like to remind you that I need some form of evidence of your bowl-ritual by the 15th of April as well as a short description of your intended artwork/approach/idea for the constellation. This will help us put together likely process-groups (if you have already found connections – please mention it).

Hope to hear from you soon.

Ps: Do not hesitate to mail me with any questions or worries that you might have. I read in some guideline around exhibition organisation, that it is essential to "set stakeholders’ expectations early". So: What do YOU expect from your participation in this project? Please let me know.

Posted 31 March 2005


12th february 2005 – feedback and exchange

The overall purpose of this gathering was to give participants the bigger picture of the FACE project, and how the Ansister (link) project feeds into that. It was also an opportunity for everyone to connect and discuss their ideas around the art-ritual, or bowl ceremony. This is short rendition of what was discussed.

FACE project
Female Acitvation through Creative Empowerment is an initiative of Hlumelo Theatre (link) which is run by Eugenie Grobler. The overall intention of this project is to create an accessible and gender appropriate platform where distorted gender imbalances can be addressed. This will be achieved through exhibitions, workshops, documentation and various forms of publication. As part of the Ansister Constellation in August, Eugenie will co-ordinate workshops, lectures and happenings within the creative spaces generated by the Ansister project.

Ansister project
Is a creative collaboration under the overall umbrella of FACE. It was intiated and co-ordinated by Anni Snyman who set up relationships between artists, researchers, documentors, mentors and anyone who has purpose and desire to speak within this forum.

Nature of the collaboration
The material produced by Ansister collaborators will come together in various forms of installation and publication. As the work progresses, Anni, Eugenie and various other collaborators (Please speak if you want to be involved) will co-ordinate the work, finding connections and expanding contexts. We urge you to document and record your process through writing and whatever medium you choose to work in, since we aim to produce a wonderful catalogue of the event.

Breaking bowls art-ritual
This process was set up to create a connection between all the artists and to give an access point to the ansister theme. The documentation and final works produced will be part of a central installation in the Ansister exhibition/constellation in August.

Process discussion
A lively discussion around the 'breaking bowls' ritual evolved - thanks especially to Ronéll, Erica and Cheryl for their contributions in this regard.

Has been confirmed for one week in August. It is important to note that we are not allowed to touch the walls, ceilings, floors i.t.o. nails etc. Rails are available from which to hang artworks. The artwork will create the spaces in which workshops will be run for the duration of one week.

Is under design and construction and will be uploaded to the web in its final form before May. The site will host marketing, workshop and artistic concerns. Secret chambers will be created to allow for online artistic process and collaboration.

The site will also host an online constellation which will launch in August and stay active thereafter. All participants are invited to visualise an online work which reflects off and enhances the physical installation. Please contact katty vandenberghe.

The logo is intended as a transforming shape - the shell being the first of many natural holding shapes to come - bones, leaves, pods, ears - any object that finds aesthetic resonance in us can be used. If you feel like participating in the transformation of the logo, please send us your images.

Project development
Nolene Nel is the overall co-ordinator of organising. FACE would like to develop relationships with other parties with similar objectives, potential sponsors, possible trades i.t.o. skills, materials and favours. At this point in time she has the following requests:
• Articles you would love to write (or think someone else should write) around ansisters.
• Possible research papers (and contacts) that you think could be linked to our process.
• Linkages that could benefit both ansisters and other parties.

For a more detailed account, read Nolene's page on branding for the FACE 2005 project.

All participants are requested to constantly document their process, thoughts and research. These will contribute towards publications around the Ansister/FACE projects. The forms of publication will include the website as well as the catalogue and a printed book with DVD/CDrom.

Real-time notes
For a more detailed account in list form, here are notes made by Tanya during the gathering.

Thoughts after the meeting
Sarah's blog.

Posted 31 March 2005.


december 04 2005 – bowl ceremony

December 4th, Saturday, 11h00 to 15h00: Lunch at Anni's place to discuss the central installation. It was lovely - thanks to everyone that participated.

(The bowl ceremony was discussed in preparation for the holiday period)

Posted 31 March 2005.