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Ansisters Event August 2005


Detail from the performance 'Patterns Outside My Head' by Janine Lewis, Rantebeng Makapan and Bonisile Nxumalo. As part of the FACE Ansisters 2005 event, Constitution Hill, Johannesburg.

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Curriculum Vitae

Janine Lewis

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inside looking in
inside looking in

Details from Inside [looking in] directed by Janine Lewis.


inside looking in

inside [looking in]

Devised and directed by Janine Lewis. Words by John Goddard.

Janine Lewis – lecturer at the Tshwane University of Technology Drama Department (formerly the Pretoria Technikon) in Theatre Movement; Educational Theatre and Physical Theatre.

John Goddard - this production is a tribute to him. 'I/we started from a place which I was comfortable with. I threw up, dug out the skeleton of a long forgotten project. Looking at the text from a new perspective "Looking for socks is not nearly over. It has just begun." Overview. Rearview. Looking back. Looking in. Inside looking in. It has just begun'

The Drama Department of Tshwane University of Technology (formally Technikon Pretoria) will be presenting a INSIDE [LOOKING IN] as part of the Ansister project, August 2005. This Liminal performance was first created and performed in the Rostrum Theatre, Pretoria in April 2004.

INSIDE [LOOKING IN] has been devised and directed by Janine Lewis, with original video montage by Chris Taute. Various prose excerpts have been selected and compiled to create an eccentric tale with a kind of meditation and a lot of movements – more of a riddle than a story. A Liminal performance where all aspects amalgamate to form a Live Art multi-media exploration with strong surreal undertones.

The performance space takes the form of an installation, in and around which the performance takes shape, and is experienced. The goal of the production is to affect the audience viscerally and proceed from instinctive rather than intellectual stimulation. The shaping force of this expressive art is dramatic action and so, at the heart, we find a performer – who does not merely interpret, but who continually creates through interaction with the technical aspects and the audience.

inside looking in

Updated 18 July 2005,, author: Janine Lewis.