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ansisters 5 august 2005

Unravelling, a performance by Sarah Fraser documented at the 2005 FACE/Ansisters opening event. 

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Erica Luttich, Boitumelo group, All collaborators
A ± 4000m braid made from various materials that acts both as guide to the entire constellation and as an artwork in its own right. Much like the golden thread that Ariadne gave to Theseus in the labyrinth, or Rapunzel’s hair, this braid symbolises the trail of thought or action that could deliver us from the madness of our time – an escape route, the way out.



Creative Constellation 2005 : Ansisters

The ansisters constellation is the 2005 focus of the FACE project in which we endeavour to create public therapeutic spaces, breaking away from the traditional gallery/theatre setting, allowing our art to become truly 'interactive', fully integrated and a healing contribution to our society.

In this creative constellation we want to move our attention to the women, to the mothers, the great mother earth and her daughters. All those quiet voices in the background of the world that exists now. Broadly speaking, we are exploring questions around female lineage, be it a biological, spiritual, intellectual or cultural predecessor.

The prevailing culture of our time is one that values the power principle almost to the exclusion of all else. Dressed up in the pretexts of money or knowledge – it colours our view of everything, including our understanding of our nature. "Survival of the fittest" is the throw-away line that most of us have to contend with when questioning some of the unethical absurdities confronting us in too many aspects of our lives.

It is as if the concept "Survival of the fittest" has conspired to create a reality more ferocious and cruel than any ‘natural’ one before it. Even if it has only been used as an excuse for conscienceless acts, there is no doubt that our world is out of kilter, that the balance has been disturbed to such an extent that humanity seems particularly unfit to inhabit this beautiful planet. It is time to amend it to "Survival of the fit", meaning true relationship between aspects of a whole. Who knows, maybe we can sow the seeds of a new reality?

Traditionally it has been the female role to look after ‘the fit’, namely our relationships with each other and our environment. However, we all know how hard it is to have responsibility without power in a culture that respects only the latter. At times it feels as if we have forgotten the ways that do not revolve around power.

In recalling our ansisters, we hope to find those options for living differently that we cannot even imagine in the face of the overpowering forces of the moment.

Collaborators are invited to investigate and interpret this them in their own way and medium, sharing concepts, insights and revelations along the way with others, in order to find pattern and connections that will provide context for their work in the final constellation.

Posted 11 March 2005 at, author: Anni Snyman.