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ansisters 5 august 2005

Unravelling, a performance by Sarah Fraser documented at the 2005 FACE/Ansisters opening event. 

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FACE is a project that will be piloted in 2005. It aims to create and activate open and accessible gender appropriate platforms to address female empowerment. These platforms will be created to bring together marginalised voices in the public domain, including those of victims of abuse, offenders, passive bystanders and future female leaders.

The FACE pilot project suggests a new route to find authentic creative solutions to challenge disempowerment with specific reference to women in the South African context.

It embraces the principles and qualities of Ubuntu in addressing the consequences of gender power imbalances and actively seek to change social and economic realities by opening up entrepreneurial opportunities.


At the heart of the FACE project lays the goal of creating an accessible and gender appropriate platform where distorted gender imbalances can be addressed. This platform will be realized through three public exhibitions or “constellation” events in three of South Africa’s provinces, where artists from the different geographical regions will be invited to participate.

The aim is to use the platforms to define and re-instate a new balanced value system - as encapsulated in Ubuntu - and through that break the cycles of female disempowerment.

The exhibitions will form constellated holding spaces for fifteen workshops - five at each of the three exhibitions - addressing the needs of pre-determined workshop audiences. These workshops will specifically revolve around the use of empowerment techniques developed by Hlumelo Theatre Therapy.

To actively address the inclusion of women in economic activity, workshop participants will be assisted to identify feasible entrepreneurial projects. Information about SMME* funding organisations will be made available and future female leaders will be educated about career opportunities.

*SMME - Small, Micro and Medium Enterprises


The respective exhibitions and workshops will be documented in a FACE publication, CD and video to aid in the marketing of future FACE projects and to fulfill an educational role.

A formal research project that investigates and documents the value of the FACE project in empowerment, therapeutic intervention and the reinstating of female values as described by Ubuntu will form an essential part of the output of the project.

A Hlumelo Theatre initiative.


The ansisters constellation is the 2005 focus of the FACE project.

Posted 11 March 2005 at, author: Eugenie Grobler.